Ice Maker Countertop Portable Ice Makers VPCOK with Ice Spoon and Basket, 26 lbs / 12 kg in 24 Hours, 2 Ice Sizes, 2.2 L, 9 Ice Cubes Per 6-13 Min


[Moderate capacity] Small household ice maker with 26 pounds of ice making capacity, suitable for home, office, small business and other occasions, can meet various ice making needs. Ice cubes have high hardness and are not easy to melt. They can be added to various drinks such as red wine, whiskey, cola, or used to chill different foods.

[Simple operation] The control panel has clear instructions. The size of the ice cubes can be adjusted, and one-click operation can automatically make ice. Large transparent window for clear observation of the production process. High-grade frosted shell, durable, built-in high-quality evaporation column, good cooling effect of exhaust air outlet, low noise of efficient cooling. The water tank has a large water storage capacity, avoiding frequent water additions, and freeing hands.

[Precise sensing] Using infrared sensing technology, the machine will automatically stop working when it detects that the ice cube is full, and it can continue to work after removing the ice cube. When the water tank is short of water, the machine automatically stops working, and can continue to work after adding water. Intelligent detection system, real-time monitoring and multiple protection to extend life.

[High-quality product] Making opular bullet round ice. Square ice cube has a knife edge, and it is easy to hurt the mouth, round does not hurt the mouth, the center of the circle is designed to float in the drink and sink to the bottom, and has better flavor. The front foam layer of the ice storage basket has a long heat preservation time, which solves the problem of heat preservation of ice cubes and enables the ice cubes to be stored for a short time.

[Easy cleaning] The product is equipped with an ice cube shovel, which is convenient and hygienic for taking ice. The ice basket can be taken out for cleaning, and there are drainage holes at the bottom of the machine. After flushing the internal parts with water, the drainage cover can be removed to drain the water. When the machine is not used for a long time, drain the water thoroughly and dry the inside of the machine.



With the VPCOK ice makers countertop, enjoy the coolness anytime!
  • On a hot summer day, come home from getting off work, have a glass of ice drink, and wash away your tiredness.
  • After the rest of the tea, make a bowl of shaved ice, pour the jam, and feel the sweetness and coolness.
  • Friends meet and celebrate with a toast. Put ice cubes in the wine glass for a more mellow taste.
Four Steps to Make Ideal Ice Cubes

Add water

Add an appropriate amount of water: the amount of water cannot exceed the ice storage basket, the water resources can be recycled, and the ice cubes can be melted.

One-touch operation

One-key operation: turn on the power, press the switch, select the ice cube size and start ice making.

Intelligent ice production

The ice making cycle lasts about 6 to 13 minutes, depending on the size of the ice cube selected and the room temperature. The recommended room temperature is 50°F to 105°F.

Get ideal ice cubes

After completion, shovel into the ice storage basket automatically, take out the ice cubes in the nugget ice maker as needed.


We make different in portable ice maker.

  • Ice cubes can be large or small, to meet different needs, transparent large window, observe the production process at any time
  • Strong and efficient ice making, energy saving, environmental protection, power saving, lower noise, does not affect the rest
  • Made of high-quality materials, durable, stable performance, effective insulation of external heat, good thermal insulation effect
  • Water shortage protection, ice full reminder, intelligent detection system, real-time monitoring of multiple protection to extend life
  • Smart home ice machine, humanized program design, more for your quality of life


We hope this ice maker machine will bring you coolness during this hot summer.

We provide the instruction manual together with the package to make sure the safe use of this appliance.

If there is any problems with the appilance, please let us know and we will try our best to solve the problems.

  • Package includes:
  • crushed ice maker * 1
  • Ice basket * 1
  • Ice scoop * 1
  • User manual * 1
Have a cup of cold drink immediately with the help of ice cube maker

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Ice Maker Countertop Portable Ice Makers VPCOK with Ice Spoon and Basket, 26 lbs / 12 kg in 24 Hours, 2 Ice Sizes, 2.2 L, 9 Ice Cubes Per 6-13 Min
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