Space Heater for Indoor Use VPCOK Portable Electric Heater for Bedroom 1200W Room Heater Ceramic for Office 3 Modes with Thermostat


3 Modes & Smart thermostat: 1200W/600W/Natural Wind fulfill customized warmth needs all year round. Low wattage prevents overloading circuit. Thermostat detects ambient temp, cycles on/off to achieve and maintain pleasant indoor temp, ultimately saving energy.

2s Instant Heat up & Constant Warmth: Durable PTC Ceramics & Convection Heat Tech heat cold air and form circulate warm air flow to warm up surroundings with high thermal efficiency. Enjoy immediate, effective, consistent, cozy and comfort warmth Space Heater for Indoor Use generates.

Advanced Safety Protection: Flame retardant material, cool touch & zero fire hazard. Tip-over Switch at bottom and Overheat Protection will be triggered and shut off portable heaters for the home auto when knocked down or overheat, reliable for kids and pets. Power indicator shows safe operating.

Portable & Compact: Built-in handle & 2.5 pounds lightweight, easy to carry small space heater for bedroom from floor to table. Measures: 4.5″ x 8.3″ x 9.8″, taking up less space. Small space heater fits for indoors use eg. office, bedroom, table, desktop, under desk, beside bed or on floor.

Warmest Gift: Electric heaters for the home are thoughtful Christmas gifts for lovers, friends and family, saving bill by taking chill off needed small personal space like under a desk to warm feet instead of entire house expensively, while keep quiet and never bother sleep, study, read or work. Energy efficient electric space heater has no strong light unlike radiant heat.



space heaters for indoor use

VPCOK heaters indoor portable electric

VPCOK Ceramic Space Heater, warm you up in winter and make you feel cool in summer.

VPCOK Electric Space Heater

Perfect Space Heaters for Indoor Use
With ceramic heating elements and exhaust vent, the electric heaters for the home heat up fast and delivers a wide range of heating air or cool air.
Distinctive Gift Choice
VPCOK portable heaters for the home are excellent Christmas gift for a friend or loved one which can bring them warmth and coolness all year round.

Why Choose VPCOK Small Space Heater?

  • Compact & Portable
  • Fan & Heater All-in-One
  • Fast Heating & Thermostat
  • Overheat & Tip-over protection
  • heaters indoor portable electric


  • Voltage: AC120V 60Hz
  • Heat Setting: 600/1200W
  • Size: 4.4 x 7.5 x 9.6 inches
  • Wire Length: 60.4 inches

Thermostat & 3 Modes

VPCOK space heater for large room has thermostat that helps keep a stable temperature you set, so the ceramic heater can be warm and energy saving.

The knob on the right has three modes for choosing: Fan only (cool air), Setting I (warm 600W), Setting II (warmer 1200W).

Overheat & Tip-over Protection

The automatic overheat protection system will shut the heaters indoor portable electric off when the parts of the room heater overheat.

Don’t worry if your pets or kids accidentally touch the space heaters for indoor use, this small space heater can automatically cut off power when the heater tilts.

Convenient Carry Handle

This portable heaters for the home has a hidden carry handle on the back, which makes it easy to move to the ceramic space heater for large room anywhere you need.

heaters indoor portable electric

Gentle & Quiet Heating

Ultra-quiet breeze brings you comfortable warmth, VPCOK space heaters for indoor use will not disturb you as you enjoy a soothing sleep in your bedroom or office through the night.

heaters indoor portable electric

  1. Please put the electric space heater on a flat surface to use.
  2. This small space heater is not designed for use in bathrooms, laundry areas, or other high-humidity spaces.
Space Heater for Indoor Use VPCOK Portable Electric Heater for Bedroom 1200W Room Heater Ceramic for Office 3 Modes with Thermostat
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