Vacuum Sealer Bags 3 Rolls 8 10 11 inch Food Saver Bags for Sous Vide Food Saver Vacuum Sealer Bags Rolls for Food


ECONOMICAL: 3 Food Vacuum Bags Rolls: 8’’ x 10’, 10’’ x 10’, 11’’ x 10’. Customize length of Vacuum Freezer Bags for Food Saver to fit any food. Vacuum Sealer Rolls 11 inch 10 inch 8 inch, 3 options of width, reduce wasted material & get greater value.

SAFE: Made of BPA free durable and pliable material, Commercial Vacuum Sealer Bags are perfect for food storage, freeze and boil. Freezer, refrigerator, microwave, and sous vide safe. Food Vacuum Sealer Bags Rolls prevent piercing and tearing.

VERSATILE: Vacuum Bags Food Saver are compatible with Vacuum Sealer and other Clamp Style Vacuum Sealer Machine. All vacuum seal bags for food, texture on one side increase suction to vacuum and secure to seal a meal freezer bags.

Vacuum Sealer Bags prolong shelf life 3-6 times, lock freshness, nutrient and flavor. Vacuum food sealer bags block oxygen and moisture, keep steak juicy and flavorful. Vacumed storage food bags reduce gritty and wilting fruits and vegs.

Work with Sous Vide, vac sealer bags for vacuum sealer create an airtight barrier around food but transmit heat.





Vacuum sealer keeps air out but seals freshness tightly inside of food saver bags. It helps you to store bulk bought groceries in freezer but no freezer burn.




Process food in a very precise temperature in a water bath with food vacuum sealer bags can achieve consistent, restaurant-quality results. Sous vide range is perfectly helpful for your sous vide cooking experience, with our featured sous vide cooker and sous vide container.




As tailored made bags for handle vacuum sealer, food saver bags / food vacuum sealer rolls are in guaranteed high quality, made with BPA free material. They are safe with microwave, freezer and boiler. Various sizes of food saver rolls/vacuum sealer rolls to fit different amount or shape of food that you would like to store. They are all universal design for all kinds of vacuum bag sealer machines, sous vide vacuum sealers and sous vide cooker. Sous vide vacuum sealer bags Vacuum food sealer bags.




Vacuum sealer rolls are universal design for most types of vacuum food sealer machines and sous vide cooker, to assist with your everyday food storing and sous vide cooking. Accompany with vacuum food sealer, this food vacuum storage bags set would help to keep anything you want to block away from moisture and oxygen in the airtight bags(e.g. photo album, passport, toiletries travel sets.).


3 Popular Size


11 inch x 10 feet (28 x 300 cm)


Featured Extra Large Size


Easy for storing liquid or anything you want in a bigger size.


10 inch x 10 feet (25 x 3500 cm)


Large Size


Great for storing fish, steak, broccoli.


8 inch x 10 feet (20 x 300 cm)


Small/Medium Size


Great for storing coffee beans, tea leaf, hams or cheese.

Vacuum Sealer Bags 3 Rolls 8 10 11 inch Food Saver Bags for Sous Vide Food Saver Vacuum Sealer Bags Rolls for Food
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