Sous Vide Cooker Immersion Circulator Sous Vide Machine Kit Slow Cooker Machine, Shiny black


  • Sous Vide cooking maintains the nutrients and moisture of the ingredients, and the taste of the ingredients is more flavorful than normal cooking at a constant temperature for a long time.
  • Based on thousands of food tests, this sous vide cooker could accurately control cooking time and temperature.
  • Voltage: 100-120V 60Hz; Power: 1000W; Temperature Range: 25-92.5 Degree Celsius ( 77.0-198.5 Degree F )
  • Water temperature kept constant with 360 degrees water circulation. Fiber of food will not be destroyed.
  • If the sous vide does not meet your satisfaction for any reason, contact us for refund at any time.


Sous vide is to cook food at a temperature between 104? and 158?.

Put meat or vegetables in a plastic bag to vacuum, and then place it in a container with a slow cooker.

The ingredients are surrounded by water with a constant temperature for a long time, so that it is evenly heated from the outside to the inside.

In the process of low-temperature heating, the ingredients themselves will experience a rapid ripening effect, which makes the connective tissue weaker, and myoglobin can be better preserved, that is, more inchjuicyinch.

We used two fillet steaks (almost the same quality and portion) to test the different tastes of traditional iron pan frying and sous vide cooking.

The core temperature of the steak that was fried on a traditional iron pan reached 125°F, which is the best temperature for a medium steak. However, it can be seen from the cut surface that about 40Percent of the meat around the steak is still fried.

Generally speaking, the food cooked by the traditional iron pan frying method will generally reduce the weight by 15Percent-20Percent, most of which is the water in the food, so the taste of the food will change.

The steak cooked by sous vide at the same low temperature of 125°F is heated again with a spray gun, so that the Maillard reaction occurs on the surface of the steak, and the whole steak is fully locked in the gravy.

Judging from the cut surface, this steak is perfect-the inside is pink, the standard medium steak, and the surface is heated quickly at a high temperature, showing the color of the top steak.The sous vide cooking can minimize the loss of moisture from ingredients.

The water loss is only between 5Percent-8Percent, which can retain the original flavor and color of the food to the greatest extent, and retain the nutrient content of the food.And our sous vide cooker has been tested thousands of times, so that the cook can more accurately control the temperature and time, making the cooking results more accurate & more nutritious.

Sous Vide Cooker Immersion Circulator Sous Vide Machine Kit Slow Cooker Machine, Shiny black
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